I am Chuchu Fan, a sixth year graduate student in Professor Sayan Mitra‘s group and ECE department, UIUC. I also work closely with Professor Mahesh Viswanathan from the CS Department of UIUC. Before joining UIUC, I got my bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University, Department of Automation with honor.

My research interests include: Safe Autonomy; Cyber-Physical Systems; Formal methods; Control Theory; Embedded Systems; Robotics; Theoretical Computer Science; Game Theory.

Check out our verification and synthesis tool:

  • DryVR: a verification tool for black-box CPS
  • C2E2: a verification tool for CPS modeled as hybrid systems with differential equations
  • RealSyn: a synthesis tool for linear system with reach-avoid specification

You can find my CV HERE.


Address: 332 CSL,  1308 W Main St,  Urbana,  IL  61801
Email (school): cfan10 at illinois dot edu
Website: chuchufan.info